This page is to tell you a bit about myself and why I love what I do. I have struggled with many of the issues that my clients face and I have found that conquering these can result in relationships that are fulfilling. I moved to the United States from Europe in 1998 and was met with challenges such as creating community, close relationships, learning a new language (which made me cry a lot, English is so hard) and adapting to a new culture. Therapy and friends were helpful in working through many of these changes. I will be the first to admit that relationships are challenging whether you share the same cultural upbringing or not. EMDR has been a game changer in my own life. 

I consider it a privilege to be part of your transformation in either individual, couples or EMDR therapy sessions. I believe that understanding the family dynamics that you grew up in, your inner strengths, challenges and the ones of your partner can help guide therapy and improve your relationships. 

In sessions, I am committed to help you practice positive communication skills and to facilitate a space where every one present feels safe. In my years as a therapist I have observed how negative self-talk (yes, I do it too) can be so hurtful. Our own inner voice is often our biggest critic. Changing negative self talk to a positive peaceful voice is powerful and can change your life. 


Licensed in North Carolina as a Marriage and Family Therapist (# 1348)

EMDR, certification, Asheville NC

Clinical Practicum Training - Peachford Hospital and Hope Counseling Center, Atlanta GA

Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Richmond Graduate University, Atlanta GA

Specialization: Sex Therapy

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Oglethorpe University, Atlanta GA


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