Relationships are challenging. There are times when you feel more alone in your relationship than when you are by yourself. External stresses and internal fears can way heavy on a relationship and family. In my practice I help you explore those factors. The pain and betrayal of infidelity can be devastating but you can recover and so can your relationship. You may feel that no one can understand your unique set of circumstances, your trauma and your crisis. You are not alone. Together we can discover your unique way back to trust and intimacy. Every Family is a unique social system with it's own structure and communication system. The behavior patterns in a family are determined by many factors including personalities, trauma, values and beliefs.  The interconnectedness of family structures means that the suffering of one member effects everyone. In my family practice I help you to understand the underlying structures and belief systems that impact your family dynamic.  By treating the family as a whole it is possible to overcome crisis together in a healthy restorative way.  If you are feeling stuck in a pattern or see family dynamics that feel out of control then family therapy could be the solution. 


Are you ready for change? Take the first step toward a fuller, more meaningful life through exploring your own story. Having someone who will listen to you and, provide both support and challenge you can be the answer. Therapy is not about problems it is a step towards living in the solution. Whether you are  dealing with specific struggles, aiming for strengthening relationships or, pursuing life dreams after trauma there is help and hope. 


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing also called EMDR, is a psychotherapy technique which has it's fame from how successful it has been in treating PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. However, EMDR has also been very successful in treating a variety of other challenging issues such as: Depression, anxiety, addictions, Phobias, OCD and events such as car accidents. EMDR is effective because it helps the brain process images, sensations and thoughts stuck in the fight or flight center of the brain in such a way that they no longer causes emotional distress. I know it's pretty amazing!!!



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